3.10.18 RREHOA BOD Minutes

RREHOA BOD Minutes of Meeting 3-10-18

Attendees: Amy Okubo, Mark Turner, Julie Orbanosky, Jen Bartlett (via proxy)

Absent: David Silverstein

  • A discussion of the HOA’s financial position began the meeting. The HOA continues to be very healthy financially.  Al but seven houses have paid 2018 dues. Julie sent reminder notices to the seven outstanding home requesting immediate payment.
  • Discussion regarding having more than one signor (currently Julie is the only authorized signor) on the Wells Fargo account and having dual signatures on all checks. Both were determined to be great ideas. Mark and Amy will meet at the bank on 3-24-18 at 10:30 to sign the bank paperwork and inform the bank of the request for dual signatures.
  • Discussion was had regarding contracting with Jeremy of Cut and Grow for 2018 landscape care.  Mark motioned and Julie seconded the motion to approve the annual contract as reflected in Cut and Grow’s proposal dated 3-1-18 (attached below).  Motion passed unanimously.
  • Motion by Mark and second by Julie to approve suggestions regarding landscape maintenance contained in email written by Mike Scally on 3-2-18 (attached below). Motion passed unanimously.
  • Motion to spend no more than $500 to hire a decorator to hang holiday décor for both islands in HOA made by Julie and seconded by Mark. Motion passes unanimously.
  • The storage unit is paid for through March 31. Discussion of the contents of the unit was had, Amy reported that the grill would be donated to Mountain States Children’s home. She will inquire as to whether they want all the empty Easter eggs. The bunny suit needs to be given to Tim Olsen. There are a few signs needed to post for annual meeting. Most everything else in the unit can be thrown out. The BOD will meet on 3-18 at noon at Julie’s house and then go to the storage unit to clean it out.
  • Discussion about on street parking and its devaluing effect on the neighborhood. While it is allowed by the city and we cannot prohibit it, a gentle reminder not to do this will be placed in the next newsletter.
  • The next two meeting of the BOD are scheduled for 7-28-18 at 3 PM and 8-18-18 at 3 PM. Location of both meetings to be determined.
  • The date for the annual picnic was set for 9-8-18 with 9-9-18 as the rain date.

Meeting adjourned.

RREHOA BOD Minutes 3-10-18. cut and grow addendum

9.9.17 RREHOA Annual Meeting Minutes

RRE HOA Annual meeting September 9, 2017

The meeting was called to order by President, Amy Okubo. All Board of Driectors members were present. A quorum of homeowners was present in person or via proxy.

Amy went over the ways Proof of Notice was accomplished as required.

Amy mentioned secretary’s minutes are available online.

Treasurer Julie Orbanosky reviewed our budget and the possible reduction of HOA fees. The yearly budget will be covered by lower HOA fees and we will continue to have money to set aside for unexpected expenses. A motion was made and ratified to reduce HOA fees to $300 per year. A vote was taken and the new fees ratified unanimously.

The proposed budget for 2018 was presented, discussed and ratified unanimously.

Mark Turner reviewed grounds maintenance and the reduction of dues being made possible thanks to Mike Scally’s hard work getting quotes for landscape maintenance. Discussed updating the community perennial beds.

Amy went over being neighborly and not parking in front of mailboxes or across from peoples driveways. She also mentioned the new ACC fine of $500 if changes to landscaping over 24 inches, paint colors, pergolas and other changes to exteriors were not first approved by the ACC committee

David reviewed the benefits of a volunteer HOA board vs. hiring a 3rd party service who doesn’t have a vested interest in our neighborhood. A call for new volunteer board members was made. No one stepped forward. The current Board was re-elected.

Floor was opened to discussions of thoughts and suggestions.

Meeting Adjourned

7.23.17 RREHOA BOD Meeting Minutes

RREHOA BOD 7/23/2018 Meeting Minutes

Attendees: Amy Okubo, Jen Bartlett, David Silverstein, Mark Turner, Julie Orbanosky

  1. Amy called the meeting to order.
  2. Julie reviewed budget and the possibility of lowering HOA dues. We have a surplus in the budget for unexpected expenses as well as a CD with enough money to resurface Moonstone Ct when the time comes.
  3. We discussed how much we should reduce fees. We determined some surplus is good for unexpected expenses.
  4. A motion was made by David Silverstein and then seconded by Jen Bartlett to reduce annual fees to $300. Motion passed unanimously. The proposed budget for the coming year, which reflects the decreased dues, was finalized for presentation at the annual meeting.
  5. We discussed what should go into the Notice of Meeting packets; the budget, the agenda and the proxy.
  6. We discussed the picnic and who would cater and what supplies we needed.

Meeting adjourned.


1.29.17 RREHOA BOD Meeting Minutes

RREHOA board of directors 1/29/2017 Meeting Minutes

Attendees: Amy Okubo, President; Julie Orbanosky, Treasurer; Jen Bartlett, Secretary; Mark Turner, Director of Grounds; David Silverstein, Director; Mike Scally.

  1. Minutes from Annual Meeting approved and will be posted on the website.
  2. Discussed whether Mike Scally would replace Mark as Director of Grounds or if he would help Mark in overseeing costs and hiring grounds help as needed. It was decided that Mike would not join the BOD but would oversee grounds.
  3. Went over the budget. Mike brought up he had worked at getting new bids for Park maintenance. Discussed the bids and voted unanimously to replace current landscape contract with Cut and Grow for a new lower fee of $5378 which includes Spring Cleanup, weeds & trim, Fall Cleanup, fertilize grass 3X, aerate 2X and tend to both islands as well as the park. Mike Scally is the contact.
  4. Tree maintenance was discussed. Motion was made by David to allow Mark and Mike to decide. Unanimously approved.
  5. The continued need for the storage locker was discussed. Voted unanimously not to renew the storage locker and to sell or discard items if Tim and Katie do not want items.
  6. Snow removal on Park sidewalk was discussed. Since no one is specifically responsible for shoveling it, it was discussed paying neighborhood kids interested in $10 and hour and checking in with Amy at the beginning and end of the shoveling. Motion was made by David and voted on unanimously.
  7. Discussed making it easier for people interested in making exterior changes to their property to find the ACC members. Jen said she would add it permanently to the newsletter announcement section. Fine in the future up to $500 for project start with out approval.
  8. Discussed increasing the neighborhood insurance policy. Motion to make it up to $ 2 million.
  9. Annual meeting will be held on Sept 9, rain date will be Sept 10. Meeting will be held at 3.
  10. Next HOA meetings will be April 2 and July 9 at 5pm to discuss Budget and Catering.

Meeting was adjourned @ 7.

Upcoming Board of Director Meetings

The following dates have been tentatively (based on Board member availability) selected for Board of Directors Meetings:
April 2, 2017 and July 9, 2017 at 5 PM in the home of Amy Okubo

These meetings are open to Rainbow Ridge Estates Homeowners. If you wish to attend a meeting, please send an email to rainbowridgeestates@gmail.com to confirm the above dates are valid.

The Annual Meeting is currently scheduled for September 9, 2017 at 3 PM with the neighborhood picnic to follow. A rain date for the annual meeting and picnic is September 10, 2017 beginning at 3 PM.

RREHOA Annual Meeting Minutes 9.10.16

RREHOA Annual Meeting Minutes 9.10.16

Meeting called to order by President, Amy Okubo at 3:25 pm. 43 homeowners were represented, enough for a quorum and to vote to change amendments. Amy stated that meeting Proof of Notice was accomplished as required.

Sharon had nothing prepared to review; stated all minutes from previous meeting are available on our website.

Julie reviewed our budget. We were only a little over last year’s approved budget and this year’s proposed budget is entirely covered by HOA annual dues. We have a $22K CD in case we need to resurface Moonstone. We also have some reserve in savings. A motion was made and seconded to ratify proposed budget. There was no further discussion and the budget ratification was unanimous.

Mark reviewed all the work that was completed in our park the last year. Mark commented that anyone is welcome to get quotes for budgeted work grounds work and to contact him if interested in doing so. He also commented that there is no guarantee regarding how much longer we will have the cottonwood tree, but we’re hoping for another 5-8 years. Jerry Morrison commented that we should all be trimming maple trees in our yard. They are all so big and thick and could be severely damaged or cause damage in a significant storm.

Amy discussed HOA board members not waiving their HOA dues so we wouldn’t all have to get certified as required by law for HOA management teams/firms which are compensated for performing such duties.

Amy addressed the issue of amending our bylaws to disallow chickens and Vietnamese pot-bellied pigs in RRE. The motion was made and seconded and no further discussion ensued. The vote was unanimous to not allow said animals in RRE, even though they are allowed in Longmont.

Amy publicly thanked Vanessa Anderson for reviving/painting the goose in our park. Everyone present was very complimentary and thanked Vanessa.

We voted unanimously to have Jen Bartlett replace Sharon Ogez as HOA secretary and all other officers were reinstated.

Mike Scally reminded everyone to get preapproval for any landscaping changes. He also reminded everyone to keep properties weed-free and remove dead plantings. Make sure all trees over a sidewalk have at least a 7′ clearance and keep sidewalks free of plantings and weeds.
Kelly asked people to drive more slowly in the neighborhood and to remind their children to do the same.

Meeting adjourned at 4:10 pm.

Original approved by each member of the Board on January 29, 2017 and on file with Board President.

7.16.16 RREHOA BOD Meeting Minutes

Rainbow Ridge Estates HOA Board of Directors 7/16/16 Meeting Minutes

Attendees: Amy Okubo, President; Julie Orbanosky, Treasurer; Sharon Ogez, Secretary; Mark Turner, Director of Grounds; David Silverstein, Director

  1. Reviewed proposal by RRE resident Vanessa Anderson to repaint the park goose. Motion by Julie to approve expense reimbursement up to $500. David seconded the motion and all approved. All agreed to Vanessa’s option #6 for the repaint. Mark and David will try to remove the “nest”.
  2. David will discuss surveillance cameras in RRE at annual meeting to gauge interest before pursing idea any further.
  3. Julie discussed the need to make sure any work done for the HOA (eg, landscaping) needs to have an estimate and board approval before work is performed and bills presented for payment. We all agreed that estimate/approval/work/payment process needs to be more consistent and no bills will be paid without prior approval of estimate.
  4. Sharon motioned to approve expenditure of up to $300 for Amy and Julie to buy additional perennials to plant in the park. Mark seconded and motion was approved.
  5. Amy stated several realtors have asked her whether chickens could be kept by RRE residents as allowed by City of Longmont. We all agreed to have residents vote to amend the bylaws to disallow chickens in RRE. Amy will provide wording and issue will be put to a vote at annual meeting. 75% majority of residents are needed to approve amendment.
  6. Annual meeting preparation was discussed. Sharon and Julie will prepare proxies, agenda, and budget to be distributed no later than August 10th, as required by bylaws for amendment change notification. We all agreed to have Georgia Boys cater again. Sharon will distribute invites, buy beverages, and coordinate with Georgia Boys. Amy will provide music and games. Mark will get ice if needed.
  7. Minutes from 4/10/16 HOA BOD meeting reviewed and approved.
  8. Next HOA BOD meeting scheduled for Sunday, 8/7/16 at 5:00. Back-up date 8/8.

Annual HOA meeting/picnic scheduled for Saturday, 9/10/16 with rain-date of 9/11/16.

  1. Julie motioned to adjourn the meeting; Sharon seconded. All agreed. Meeting adjourned.

Board of Director Meeting Minutes 4.10.16

Rainbow Ridge Estates HOA Board of Directors 4/10/16 Meeting Minutes

Attendees: Amy Okubo, President; Julie Orbanosky, Treasurer; Sharon Ogez, Secretary; Mark Turner, Director of Grounds; David Silverstein, Director (attended via call in)

  1. Minutes from 1/11/16 HOA BOD meeting reviewed and Amy will post on website.
  2. Mark recommended that TNT add herbicide to park maintenance regiment. He will also get a bid from them to add topsoil and power rake the lawn. Sharon will contact Jeremy Pater to provide HOA BOD with recommendations and bid for planting new trees in the park.
  3. Julie will have the HOA financial data realigned with the annual calendar by our next BOD meeting. Two owners have not paid their HOA dues; Julie has just sent out third letter, adding late
  4. Amy agreed to send out a letter to all HOA members regarding barking dog complaints and requirements to obtain ARC approval for landscape changes. Too many owners have bypassed the ARC approval process, so consequences should be clearly detailed in the letter.
  5. David will continue to research potential surveillance cameras in
  6. Next HOA BOD meeting will be on Sunday, 7/10/16 at 5:00. Back-up date 4/11. Another HOA BOD meeting scheduled for Sunday, 8/7/16 at 5:00. Back-up date 8/8. Annual HOA meeting/picnic scheduled for Saturday, 9/10/16 with rain-date of 9/11/16.

Julie motioned to adjourn the meeting; Sharon seconded. All agreed. Meeting adjourned.


BOD email to community 4.20.16

Greetings Rainbow Ridge Estates homeowners,

As we enter into the warmer months, your board of directors has two requests to make of you.

First, please be kind and courteous to one another with regard to your dogs. Please be sure to pick up after your dog poops. As a dog owner myself, I routinely pick up the poop of dogs other than my own that is left in the park or on my lawn. It is gross, to say the least!

Also, many of our lots are close to one another and, even with the larger lots, the sounds of dog barking carries far and wide. Being awakened in the night by a barking dog or listening to more than about 2 minutes of barking mars the beauty of our lovely neighborhood. Please be kind to your surrounding neighbors and promptly stop your dog(s) from barking. 

The second request regards the Architectural Control Committee. As the neighborhood matures, houses sell to second and third owners, and needs change, following the ACC guidelines is becoming more and more critical to keeping the harmonious and elegant look of the neighborhood. 

I am attaching a highlighted copy of the guidelines which draw attention to when ACC approval is needed. 

I have also taken the liberty of highlighting what can happen if you choose   not to seek ACC approval. The HOA has the authority to remove, at your expense, the offending items. We do not want to go down this road and kindly request your voluntary cooperation.

The guidelines can also be found here. http://www.rainbowridgeestates.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/RRE-HOA-Design-Guidelines.pdf 

To summarize when you need ACC approval in one sentence: If you are changing the exterior appearance of your home, adding permanent structures such as play sets or playhouses, or changing landscaping from its original appearance, you need ACC approval. 

To summarize when you DO NOT need ACC approval in one sentence: If you are repainting within the original palette, replacing similar sized and appearing landscaping items or planting anything that at it’s mature height will be less than 24 inches, you DO NOT need ACC approval. 

Thank-you for reading this lengthy missive and please be kind to your neighbors!

Amy Okubo

RREHOA Board president