March 14th 2020

Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting of the RAINBOW RIDGE ESTATES’ INCORPORATED, Longmont, Colorado.  Held in the City of Longmont, Colorado, in neighbor Alan Ahlgrim’s home, at 10:00 AM on the 14th day of March 2020.

I.          CALL TO ORDER

            Board Member Alan Ahlgrim called the meeting to order at 10:00 AM.


            Present: Alan Ahlgrim, Terra Jakobsen, John Mealey, Julia Orbanosky, Mark Turner.

            Absent: None.


The November 2019 minutes were approved prior to posting on the web site via email chain.

IV.       Officer Reports

  • Terra Jakobsen reports:
    • Very good turn out with the first two social coffees.
    • April coffee up in the air based on COVID-19 situation
    • May social gathering perhaps will be a happy hour in the evening time frame.
    • Still need 10 sets of new directories for new households welcome packet.
      • Action Item for Steven Noel
  • Mark Turner reports:
    • The two major landscaping proposals – annual park maintenance and tree maintenance have been received, and are within budgetary norms and awaiting approval.
    • Mark made a motion to approve and seconded by John Mealey, unanimous approval.
    • Chad Lewkowski has volunteered to be on the ACC.  Alan will send out a note of acceptance and thanks
    • Mark indicated that Greg Hall would be doing one last round of park lighting repairs prior to moving.
      • John Mealey has extra LED 20 watt bulbs to give Greg
  • Julia Orbanosky reports:
    • The recent inquiry into requests for RRE HOA was not a standard request.
    • Julia provides a standard set of documents and information to title firms to support an individual home sale and the HOA charges a fee of $150 per the by-laws.  Alan and Terra agreed to be signor’s on the HOA checking account and will have that done as time permits.
    • Julia has requested the HOA fund a laptop, update to Quicken QuickBooks and a printer to facilitate the required 2020 update for QuickBooks.  Terra made this motion, was seconded by Mark and was unanimously approved to a budgetary amount of no greater than $1,200.00.
  • John Mealey reports:
    • The Web site program, WordPress, while an industry standard, does not allow drag and drop of adobe PDF documents.   Posting of documents is a cut and paste operation that took far longer to work out than expected.  Future document posting will be faster.
    • The HOA directory has incorrect information for the board.  The HOA will mail a correcting sticker to each household in the next month to place over top of the incorrect information.

VI.       New business

            No new business was brought up.

            Meeting adjourned at 11:00 AM.