10.11.19 RREHOA BOD Minutes



November 10th, 2019

Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting of the RAINBOW RIDGE ESTATES’ INCORPORATED, Longmont, Colorado.  Held in the City of Longmont, in neighbor Alan Ahlgrim home, Colorado at 2:00 PM on the 10th day of November, 2019.

I.          CALL TO ORDER

            Board Member Alan Ahlgrim called the meeting to order at 2:00 PM.


            Present: Alan Ahlgrim, Terra Jakobsen, John Mealey, Julia Orbanosky, Mark Turner, Dale Bruns, Greg Hall.

            Absent: None.  Also Present: Amy Okubo and Jen Bartlett.


The annual meeting minutes, due to a change in the HOA secretary position will be email ratified in November.

IV.       Current Financial Condition

Julia Orbanosky reported on the financial condition. As of October, 2019:

  1. Nothing exceptional to report (See note below about dual signatures and signature card.)

V.        Agenda Items

A.  Lavish adulation to Amy, David and Jen for their service!

  • Affirmation of new officers: President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Grounds

Alan Ahlgrim accepted the role of President.

Terra Jakobsen accepted the role of Vice President.

John Mealey III accepted the role of Secretary.

Julia Orbanosky agreed to continue as a board member, Treasurer.

Mark Turner agreed to continue as Board Member, Grounds Director.

  • Clarification of officer roles (insights from Amy and Jennifer welcomed!)
    • Roles generally defined by position.
  • Update from Dale Bruns and Greg Hall on the ACC and any pending items.
    • A written complaint has been received in October regarding a fence between two neighbors.
      • After a discussion on relevant HOA guidelines, policies and procedures it was determined the ACC will contact both parties to start the process or resolution. 
      • At this time it appears as a violation has occurred.
  • Composition of the ACC, possibly adding additional members.
    • It was the consensus that a third member of the ACC should come forward to volunteer.
      • Anne Biscaldi offered at the annual meeting and should be contacted.
      • Confirmation of this should be an agenda item for the next board of directors meeting.
  • Composition of a “Community Connections” team: Terra, Jen Bartlett, Debbie Levine.
    • Discussed a small welcome packet.
    • Coffee social scheduled for 2nd Wednesday of the month, location varies.
  • Clarification of dual signature status for all checks written by the treasurer.
    • Discussion on this item centered need. It was decided to add the President to the signature card.
  • Clarification of by-law requirement that one third of board members terms expire annually.
    • Currently all positions expire annually and require annual meeting voting to renew terms.
    • The HOA documents discuss varying the expiration of terms.
    • Further discussions at future board meetings on this topic are being considered.

VI.       New business

            President Alan Ahlgrim noted there were no new items for discussion.

            Mark Turner made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 3:30 PM. Seconded by John Mealey. Motion Carried.