14.9.19 RREHOA Annual Meeting Minutes



September 14th, 2019

Minutes of the Annual Meeting of the RAINBOW RIDGE ESTATES’ INCORPORATED, Longmont, Colorado.  Held at in the City of Longmont, in the association park, Colorado at 3:00 PM on the 14th day of September, 2019

I.          CALL TO ORDER

            President Amy Okubo called the meeting to order at 3:00 PM.


            Present: Amy Okubo, David Silverstein, Jen Bartlett, Mark Turner, Julie Orbanosky.

            Absent: All officers were in attendance.   


            By count of neighbors present and proxies a quorum was met (Greater than 21 neighbors):

                        In person: 26

                        By Signed Proxy: 9

            TOTAL 35 50.7% of neighbors.

IV.       Current Financial Condition

Treasurer Julia Orbanosky reported on the current financial condition and the 2020 RREHOA Annual Budget. As of August, 2019:

  1. New CPA fees have increased over previous CPA.  Previous CPA retired.
    1. Water fees increased in the amount of approx… $500 annually. Dale Bruns water is still less than city water.
    1. Dues at this time will remain at $300.00 per lot, per annum.
    1. Minor repairs to common areas and the park occurred in the previous 12 months.
    1. Sufficient reserves are in place to remove the large Cottonwood tree in park if needed.

Motion by Amy Okubo, seconded by neighbor Dawn Buzzell to ratify the 2020 RREHOA budget. Motion Carried unopposed.


            Secretary Jen Bartlett notes minutes are available on the web site.


            Grounds Director Mark Turner reported on the ongoing grounds maintenance and repair:

  1. Both islands and park are plumbed for either City of Longmont water or resident Dale Bruns water share from his water source.  Current city fees for water make Dale’s option cost effective.  If in the future Dale’s water source option becomes problematic the association can move to city water supply.
  2. St. Vrain Arbor Care  came and evaluated all of the park trees, and reported to Mark that the large cottonwood tree in the out lot A park is in reasonable shape and should stand for a ‘few more years’.
  3. Cut & Grow Turf and Tree, LLC has performed the association’s landscaping for a second year and has proven to do a good job.  Recommend retaining for a third year.  (No objections / No vote).

VII.     Management Report

President Amy Okubo spoke about a few things and discussion ensued. The main points were:

  1. The board meets several times per year, at this time all is well.
  • General neighborhood etiquette:
    • Gentle reminder for proper maintenance of yards and exterior upkeep.
    • RV’s and Boats are not to be stored in view or parked longer than 48 hours.
    • Please be a good pet owner and pick up after your pets and keep pet noise to a minimum.
  • Continued pet noise can be reported to animal control.
    • If you notice that the entrance Island lights are out, please inform the Grounds Director.  Each island tree has a light as well.
    • Amy provided a Refresher on homeowner complaints to the HOA Board. When deciding to involve the homeowner’s association in a complaint please:
      • Document with timeline, photographs, notes on your attempts to discuss in person.
  • The association is in dire need of two or three ‘social events coordinators’.  If interested please contact a board member.  Social events may include the following:  Block parties, cul-de-sac barbecues,  the options are endless.
  • Resignation of Amy Okubo, Jen Bartlett and David Silverstein
    • A round of applause for their service was heard.
    • Amy noted that we need new members to serve and without a volunteer HOA Board, RREHOA, would have to hire a commercial management company and member dues would certainly increase.
    • A request for volunteers was made.  The following neighbors indicated they can serve:
      • Alan Ahlgrim
      • John Mealey III
      • Terra Jakobsen

                                    Motion was made and seconded to install the above neighbors and board members with roles

                        to be determined at the next scheduled board meeting on November 10th, 2019.

VI.       New business

            No new business

President Amy Okubo made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 3:40 PM. Seconded by Mark Turner. Motion Carried.