9.9.17 RREHOA Annual Meeting Minutes

RRE HOA Annual meeting September 9, 2017

The meeting was called to order by President, Amy Okubo. All Board of Driectors members were present. A quorum of homeowners was present in person or via proxy.

Amy went over the ways Proof of Notice was accomplished as required.

Amy mentioned secretary’s minutes are available online.

Treasurer Julie Orbanosky reviewed our budget and the possible reduction of HOA fees. The yearly budget will be covered by lower HOA fees and we will continue to have money to set aside for unexpected expenses. A motion was made and ratified to reduce HOA fees to $300 per year. A vote was taken and the new fees ratified unanimously.

The proposed budget for 2018 was presented, discussed and ratified unanimously.

Mark Turner reviewed grounds maintenance and the reduction of dues being made possible thanks to Mike Scally’s hard work getting quotes for landscape maintenance. Discussed updating the community perennial beds.

Amy went over being neighborly and not parking in front of mailboxes or across from peoples driveways. She also mentioned the new ACC fine of $500 if changes to landscaping over 24 inches, paint colors, pergolas and other changes to exteriors were not first approved by the ACC committee

David reviewed the benefits of a volunteer HOA board vs. hiring a 3rd party service who doesn’t have a vested interest in our neighborhood. A call for new volunteer board members was made. No one stepped forward. The current Board was re-elected.

Floor was opened to discussions of thoughts and suggestions.

Meeting Adjourned