7.23.17 RREHOA BOD Meeting Minutes

RREHOA BOD 7/23/2018 Meeting Minutes

Attendees: Amy Okubo, Jen Bartlett, David Silverstein, Mark Turner, Julie Orbanosky

  1. Amy called the meeting to order.
  2. Julie reviewed budget and the possibility of lowering HOA dues. We have a surplus in the budget for unexpected expenses as well as a CD with enough money to resurface Moonstone Ct when the time comes.
  3. We discussed how much we should reduce fees. We determined some surplus is good for unexpected expenses.
  4. A motion was made by David Silverstein and then seconded by Jen Bartlett to reduce annual fees to $300. Motion passed unanimously. The proposed budget for the coming year, which reflects the decreased dues, was finalized for presentation at the annual meeting.
  5. We discussed what should go into the Notice of Meeting packets; the budget, the agenda and the proxy.
  6. We discussed the picnic and who would cater and what supplies we needed.

Meeting adjourned.