1.29.17 RREHOA BOD Meeting Minutes

RREHOA board of directors 1/29/2017 Meeting Minutes

Attendees: Amy Okubo, President; Julie Orbanosky, Treasurer; Jen Bartlett, Secretary; Mark Turner, Director of Grounds; David Silverstein, Director; Mike Scally.

  1. Minutes from Annual Meeting approved and will be posted on the website.
  2. Discussed whether Mike Scally would replace Mark as Director of Grounds or if he would help Mark in overseeing costs and hiring grounds help as needed. It was decided that Mike would not join the BOD but would oversee grounds.
  3. Went over the budget. Mike brought up he had worked at getting new bids for Park maintenance. Discussed the bids and voted unanimously to replace current landscape contract with Cut and Grow for a new lower fee of $5378 which includes Spring Cleanup, weeds & trim, Fall Cleanup, fertilize grass 3X, aerate 2X and tend to both islands as well as the park. Mike Scally is the contact.
  4. Tree maintenance was discussed. Motion was made by David to allow Mark and Mike to decide. Unanimously approved.
  5. The continued need for the storage locker was discussed. Voted unanimously not to renew the storage locker and to sell or discard items if Tim and Katie do not want items.
  6. Snow removal on Park sidewalk was discussed. Since no one is specifically responsible for shoveling it, it was discussed paying neighborhood kids interested in $10 and hour and checking in with Amy at the beginning and end of the shoveling. Motion was made by David and voted on unanimously.
  7. Discussed making it easier for people interested in making exterior changes to their property to find the ACC members. Jen said she would add it permanently to the newsletter announcement section. Fine in the future up to $500 for project start with out approval.
  8. Discussed increasing the neighborhood insurance policy. Motion to make it up to $ 2 million.
  9. Annual meeting will be held on Sept 9, rain date will be Sept 10. Meeting will be held at 3.
  10. Next HOA meetings will be April 2 and July 9 at 5pm to discuss Budget and Catering.

Meeting was adjourned @ 7.