7.16.16 RREHOA BOD Meeting Minutes

Rainbow Ridge Estates HOA Board of Directors 7/16/16 Meeting Minutes

Attendees: Amy Okubo, President; Julie Orbanosky, Treasurer; Sharon Ogez, Secretary; Mark Turner, Director of Grounds; David Silverstein, Director

  1. Reviewed proposal by RRE resident Vanessa Anderson to repaint the park goose. Motion by Julie to approve expense reimbursement up to $500. David seconded the motion and all approved. All agreed to Vanessa’s option #6 for the repaint. Mark and David will try to remove the “nest”.
  2. David will discuss surveillance cameras in RRE at annual meeting to gauge interest before pursing idea any further.
  3. Julie discussed the need to make sure any work done for the HOA (eg, landscaping) needs to have an estimate and board approval before work is performed and bills presented for payment. We all agreed that estimate/approval/work/payment process needs to be more consistent and no bills will be paid without prior approval of estimate.
  4. Sharon motioned to approve expenditure of up to $300 for Amy and Julie to buy additional perennials to plant in the park. Mark seconded and motion was approved.
  5. Amy stated several realtors have asked her whether chickens could be kept by RRE residents as allowed by City of Longmont. We all agreed to have residents vote to amend the bylaws to disallow chickens in RRE. Amy will provide wording and issue will be put to a vote at annual meeting. 75% majority of residents are needed to approve amendment.
  6. Annual meeting preparation was discussed. Sharon and Julie will prepare proxies, agenda, and budget to be distributed no later than August 10th, as required by bylaws for amendment change notification. We all agreed to have Georgia Boys cater again. Sharon will distribute invites, buy beverages, and coordinate with Georgia Boys. Amy will provide music and games. Mark will get ice if needed.
  7. Minutes from 4/10/16 HOA BOD meeting reviewed and approved.
  8. Next HOA BOD meeting scheduled for Sunday, 8/7/16 at 5:00. Back-up date 8/8.

Annual HOA meeting/picnic scheduled for Saturday, 9/10/16 with rain-date of 9/11/16.

  1. Julie motioned to adjourn the meeting; Sharon seconded. All agreed. Meeting adjourned.