RREHOA Annual Meeting Minutes 9.10.16

RREHOA Annual Meeting Minutes 9.10.16

Meeting called to order by President, Amy Okubo at 3:25 pm. 43 homeowners were represented, enough for a quorum and to vote to change amendments. Amy stated that meeting Proof of Notice was accomplished as required.

Sharon had nothing prepared to review; stated all minutes from previous meeting are available on our website.

Julie reviewed our budget. We were only a little over last year’s approved budget and this year’s proposed budget is entirely covered by HOA annual dues. We have a $22K CD in case we need to resurface Moonstone. We also have some reserve in savings. A motion was made and seconded to ratify proposed budget. There was no further discussion and the budget ratification was unanimous.

Mark reviewed all the work that was completed in our park the last year. Mark commented that anyone is welcome to get quotes for budgeted work grounds work and to contact him if interested in doing so. He also commented that there is no guarantee regarding how much longer we will have the cottonwood tree, but we’re hoping for another 5-8 years. Jerry Morrison commented that we should all be trimming maple trees in our yard. They are all so big and thick and could be severely damaged or cause damage in a significant storm.

Amy discussed HOA board members not waiving their HOA dues so we wouldn’t all have to get certified as required by law for HOA management teams/firms which are compensated for performing such duties.

Amy addressed the issue of amending our bylaws to disallow chickens and Vietnamese pot-bellied pigs in RRE. The motion was made and seconded and no further discussion ensued. The vote was unanimous to not allow said animals in RRE, even though they are allowed in Longmont.

Amy publicly thanked Vanessa Anderson for reviving/painting the goose in our park. Everyone present was very complimentary and thanked Vanessa.

We voted unanimously to have Jen Bartlett replace Sharon Ogez as HOA secretary and all other officers were reinstated.

Mike Scally reminded everyone to get preapproval for any landscaping changes. He also reminded everyone to keep properties weed-free and remove dead plantings. Make sure all trees over a sidewalk have at least a 7′ clearance and keep sidewalks free of plantings and weeds.
Kelly asked people to drive more slowly in the neighborhood and to remind their children to do the same.

Meeting adjourned at 4:10 pm.

Original approved by each member of the Board on January 29, 2017 and on file with Board President.