BOD email to community 4.20.16

Greetings Rainbow Ridge Estates homeowners,

As we enter into the warmer months, your board of directors has two requests to make of you.

First, please be kind and courteous to one another with regard to your dogs. Please be sure to pick up after your dog poops. As a dog owner myself, I routinely pick up the poop of dogs other than my own that is left in the park or on my lawn. It is gross, to say the least!

Also, many of our lots are close to one another and, even with the larger lots, the sounds of dog barking carries far and wide. Being awakened in the night by a barking dog or listening to more than about 2 minutes of barking mars the beauty of our lovely neighborhood. Please be kind to your surrounding neighbors and promptly stop your dog(s) from barking. 

The second request regards the Architectural Control Committee. As the neighborhood matures, houses sell to second and third owners, and needs change, following the ACC guidelines is becoming more and more critical to keeping the harmonious and elegant look of the neighborhood. 

I am attaching a highlighted copy of the guidelines which draw attention to when ACC approval is needed. 

I have also taken the liberty of highlighting what can happen if you choose   not to seek ACC approval. The HOA has the authority to remove, at your expense, the offending items. We do not want to go down this road and kindly request your voluntary cooperation.

The guidelines can also be found here. 

To summarize when you need ACC approval in one sentence: If you are changing the exterior appearance of your home, adding permanent structures such as play sets or playhouses, or changing landscaping from its original appearance, you need ACC approval. 

To summarize when you DO NOT need ACC approval in one sentence: If you are repainting within the original palette, replacing similar sized and appearing landscaping items or planting anything that at it’s mature height will be less than 24 inches, you DO NOT need ACC approval. 

Thank-you for reading this lengthy missive and please be kind to your neighbors!

Amy Okubo

RREHOA Board president