Board of Directors Meeting Minutes 1.11.16

Rainbow Ridge Estates HOA Board of Directors 1/11/16 Meeting Minutes

Attendees: Amy Okubo, President; Julie Orbanosky, Treasurer; Sharon Ogez, Secretary; Mark Turner, Director of Grounds; David Silverstein, Director

  1. Minutes from August 22, 2015 Annual HOA meeting approved. Amy will post on website.
  2. Discussed problem of ice build-up on roads since last storm. Safety concern discussed since our roads have been iced over for several weeks. Agreed to hire a private firm for this winter on a trial basis. Sharon located a firm willing to plow our roads on an “as-needed” basis (call from us when snow is greater than 3-4”, followed by cold weather) at $75/hour. Little Tornado, Home and Yard Service, Troy Hughes. Mark motioned we pursue this effort unless TNT has a similar/better rate. Sharon seconded the motion.   All agreed. Sharon will also ask Troy about clearing sidewalk adjacent to park.

Update 1/12/16: TNT is slightly more expensive and wants a contract rather than an “as needed” basis. Board agreed via email for Sharon to follow-up with Troy Hughes of Little Tornado.

  1. Julie discussed budget. Roughly, the dues cover our bills, although we do have a surplus this year because of transfer fees and HOA BOD’s paying dues. Julie will have more budget details at the next BOD meeting where we will discuss how to spend the excess money. Julie also noted the books are not based on an annual calendar as required per our bylaws. Mark motioned the books be realigned with an annual calendar and Sharon seconded the motion. Everyone agreed and Julie will work on this.
  2. Amy agreed to send out a letter to all HOA members regarding barking dog complaints. Sharon to provide Amy with most current email list.


  1. David led discussion about potential surveillance cameras in RRE. We all agreed it was an idea worth pursuing and David will gather and forward more information. Further discussion at next meeting.


  1. Next HOA BOD meeting will be held on Sunday, 4/10/16 at 5:00. Back-up date 4/11. Another HOA BOD meeting scheduled for Sunday, 8/7/16 at 5:00. Back-up date 8/8.

Annual HOA meeting/picnic scheduled for Saturday, 9/10/16 with rain-date of 9/11/16.


Mark motioned to adjourn the meeting; David seconded. All agreed. Meeting adjourned.