Minutes of Annual Meeting 8.22.15

Rainbow Ridge Estates HOA Annual Meeting 8.22.15 Meeting Minutes

Attendees: Amy Okubo, President; Julie Orbanosky, Treasurer; Sharon Ogez, Secretary; Mark Turner, Director of Grounds; David Silverstein, Director

1. Meeting called to order at 3 PM by President of BOD, Amy Okubo
2. A quorum of homeowners consisting of 36 out of 68 lots was present in person or by proxy.
3. The notice of meeting was confirmed to have been sent in accordance with the Bylaws, Article 3, section 3.5.
4. Owners were informed of content on website including Secretary’s Minutes.
5. Recap of last year’s activities was presented including Christmas donations to Mountain States Children’s Home, Holiday Decorating of the neighborhood entryways, Spring Egg Hunt held in the park, Neighborhood Holiday Parties (Olsen – Halloween; Self – Christmas; Fahy/Katuna – St. Patty’s Day) and a call for additional people to consider hosting a party was made.
6. The Treasurer’s Report was provided by Julie Orbanosky, Treasurer.
a. The Budget was ratified with no objections, an announcement was made that Board Members will be paying dues in 2016 and dues will remain at the same level as in 2015.
7. The Grounds Report was provided by Mark Turner.
8. An Architectural Review Committee Presentation was given by Michael Scally. This presentation outlined areas that need ACC review and those that do not need review.
9. President, Amy Okubo, addressed the homeowners regarding calls for new BOD members and participants to organize social activities.
10. Members voted to reinstate current Board Members as follows:
i. President, Amy Okubo
ii. Vice-President, David Silverstein
iii. Treasurer, Julie Orbanosky
iv. Secretary, Sharon Ogez
v. Director of Grounds, Mark Turner
11. The floor was opened for issues and ideas from HOA Members but none were introduced. The consensus was that all is going well.
12. Meeting was adjourned at 3:40 PM