Annual Meeting Agenda 8.22.15

RRE’s Annual Meeting and Block Party

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Our park; 3:00-7:00

Join us for our Annual Meeting and then socialize with your neighbors! Your HOA will provide grilled meats, drinks, and some fun, family activities. Please bring a side dish to share and chairs for your comfort. Please RSVP to Sharon Ogez, so we can plan the correct food quantity. And please volunteer to help set up or clean up! If you cannot attend, please give a signed proxy for your vote to our President, Amy Okubo at 1319 Jade Lane. It is imperative that we have a majority vote, without which we cannot effectively be a self-managed home owners’ association.

Meeting Agenda

  1. Call to order, 3:00 pm, by President, Amy Okubo
  2. Certification of Proxies and Roll Call, Amy Okubo
  3. Proof of Notice of Meeting (emails, newsletters, mailers), Amy Okubo
  4. Secretary’s Minutes available from 2014/2015
    1. Recap of last year’s activities – Mountain States Children’s Home, Decorating Holiday Entryways, Spring Egg Hunt, Neighborhood Holiday Parties (Olsen – Halloween; Self – Christmas; Fahy/Katuna – St. Patty’s Day. Please Contact Sharon Ogez if you would like to host a neighborhood party or organize a neighborhood activity.
  1. Treasurer’s Report, Julie Orbanosky, Treasurer
    1. Ratification of the Budget
    2. Board Members dues
    3. Notification of change to dues waiver for board members
  2. Grounds Report, Mark Turner
    1. Overview of work completed and future plans
  3. Architectural Review Committee Presentation
  4. Messages from the President
    1. Call for new HOA Board members
    2. Vote to reinstate current Board Members
      1. President, Amy Okubo
      2. Treasurer, Julie Orbanosky
      3. Secretary, Sharon Ogez
      4. Director of Grounds, Mark Turner
      5. Director, David Silverstein
  1. Issues and ideas from HOA Members
  2. Adjournment