Board of Directors Meeting Minutes 6.1.15

Attendees: Amy Okubo, President; Julie Orbanosky, Treasurer; Sharon Ogez, Secretary; Mark Turner, Director of Grounds

  1. Minutes from 2/24 HOA meeting were reviewed and approved. Amy will post on website.
  2. Julie updated expenses to date. Operated at a loss last year, but 7K+ surplus this year, plus 21K CD. She will have annual expenses at the annual HOA meeting. Julie raised the question as to whether or not the HOA should increase liability insurance. She will f/u with more information and present at next meeting.
  3. Transfer fee of $150 was discussed and everyone agreed not to consider raising the fee.
  4. Regarding 6/3 meeting in Denver to review new HOA guidelines. Nobody from the board can attend the meeting, so Amy will request summary/minutes of the meeting for us to review/discuss at our next HOA BOD meeting.
  5. Reminder that our website contains meeting minutes, HOA bylaws, covenants, HOA email address (, etc. If budget/financial information is needed, Julie should be contacted for password. Sharon to include this reminder again in Noel’s next newsletter.
  6. Mark requested we hire Rocky to perform monthly services in the park, to include weeding, replacing dead shrubs and planting in bedding areas. Rocky will work about 2 hours per week as his schedule allows. RRE will pay him $280/month for 5 months, plus materials. This is essentially the same as paying him one time for all the work, but allows him the flexibility of working in the park when it best fits his schedule. Sharon made a motion to retain Rocky at $280/mo for 5 months. Julie seconded the motion, and it unanimously passed. Mark will f/u with Rocky regarding fall clean-up charges.
  7. We all discussed the need for clarification of HOA landscaping guidelines and implementation of those guidelines.   We all agreed to have a member from the architectural review committee give a presentation at the annual meeting. Amy to f/u.
  8. Amy raised the issue of Secretary duties in light of Sharon taking over Secretary position from Kate Olsen. We all agreed that all the social activities that Kate spearheaded were beyond the Secretary duties. We discussed bringing a “social director” onto the board, but the bylaws only allow for 5 members. We agreed that Sharon will continue to ask in general emails and/or Noel’s newsletter for volunteers to coordinate “extracurricular” activities.
  9. Annual meeting has been scheduled for 8/23 at 3:00. Sharon to schedule a “field trip” to the storage facility prior to the annual meeting. We need to inventory what is in the storage facility and clean up/organize it.
  10. Next HOA BOD meeting is scheduled for 7/2.