3.10.18 RREHOA BOD Minutes

RREHOA BOD Minutes of Meeting 3-10-18

Attendees: Amy Okubo, Mark Turner, Julie Orbanosky, Jen Bartlett (via proxy)

Absent: David Silverstein

  • A discussion of the HOA’s financial position began the meeting. The HOA continues to be very healthy financially.  Al but seven houses have paid 2018 dues. Julie sent reminder notices to the seven outstanding home requesting immediate payment.
  • Discussion regarding having more than one signor (currently Julie is the only authorized signor) on the Wells Fargo account and having dual signatures on all checks. Both were determined to be great ideas. Mark and Amy will meet at the bank on 3-24-18 at 10:30 to sign the bank paperwork and inform the bank of the request for dual signatures.
  • Discussion was had regarding contracting with Jeremy of Cut and Grow for 2018 landscape care.  Mark motioned and Julie seconded the motion to approve the annual contract as reflected in Cut and Grow’s proposal dated 3-1-18 (attached below).  Motion passed unanimously.
  • Motion by Mark and second by Julie to approve suggestions regarding landscape maintenance contained in email written by Mike Scally on 3-2-18 (attached below). Motion passed unanimously.
  • Motion to spend no more than $500 to hire a decorator to hang holiday décor for both islands in HOA made by Julie and seconded by Mark. Motion passes unanimously.
  • The storage unit is paid for through March 31. Discussion of the contents of the unit was had, Amy reported that the grill would be donated to Mountain States Children’s home. She will inquire as to whether they want all the empty Easter eggs. The bunny suit needs to be given to Tim Olsen. There are a few signs needed to post for annual meeting. Most everything else in the unit can be thrown out. The BOD will meet on 3-18 at noon at Julie’s house and then go to the storage unit to clean it out.
  • Discussion about on street parking and its devaluing effect on the neighborhood. While it is allowed by the city and we cannot prohibit it, a gentle reminder not to do this will be placed in the next newsletter.
  • The next two meeting of the BOD are scheduled for 7-28-18 at 3 PM and 8-18-18 at 3 PM. Location of both meetings to be determined.
  • The date for the annual picnic was set for 9-8-18 with 9-9-18 as the rain date.

Meeting adjourned.

RREHOA BOD Minutes 3-10-18. cut and grow addendum